Friday, July 25, 2008

July 24th - Trial Lake

Pete & Repeat!! (No lie)
Colby showing off his muscles.
Willis & I took the boys along with my Dad up to Trial lake for the 24th of July. We all had a good time, mostly laughing at how excited Colby would get when he caught a fish! Who said fishing wasn't exhausting? This is of Austin mid-day!
This picture still cracks me up. This was his 1st fish of the day!! He was so excited!
We had a hard time getting Colby to realize he didn't need to squeeze the fish so hard.
Colb's is pretty happy he caught this little fish.
Here's Colby waiting patiently to catch a fish.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Austin

We rented out Classic Waterslide for Austin's birthday this year. Here is a group of some of the kids going up to have some fun!!
Some of the party goers coming down the waterslide.
Aunt Natalie with cousin Raymie, both looking pretty fine!
Who's that Hot lady with Colby?
Here's Ty & Raymie getting ready to cruise down the Blue Whale.
This is our nephew Devin waiting for the others to come down the waterslide. Jordan looks a little cold.