Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Family Christmas Party!

Every year we have our Skeen family Christmas party on Christmas Eve. Here's some of the gang relaxing after eating our feast.
Raymie LOVES Elmo! She just had her 2 year old birthday & it was Elmo Everything!
Who's the hot lady with Raymie?
Trav, Cassie & Ashtyn.
Me & Ty. Too cool Austin!
Kendyl & Kambree being Angels after the nativity play they were in.
Raymie, Colby & Jordan after the Nativity play.
Here's more angels doing their part. Kendyl is so serious & Kambree I don't think could have a bigger smile on her face!
I told Sydney to smile so I could take her picture & this is what she did. It was pretty funny because no one was expecting it from her!

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