Sunday, November 9, 2008

Finally..We made it to Provo!!! (Barely)

Well yesterday we finally made it to Provo without to many problems. While Willis was at work in the am, I was at home getting the boys ready so we could head out as soon as he got home. I was in the living room ironing everyones clothes when noticed Jordan & Colby were racing each other down the hall to see who could win. I wasn't paying to much attention to them as this is a normal thing around our house, but then I heard Colby let out a scream & kinda do a dance thing as he was running towards me holding his head saying ouch Mom. I said, "Well darn, you shouldn't be running through the house" as I was picking him up to hold him. It was then I noticed blood and alot of it. I got a cloth & called our Peditirican to see if they could stitch him up or not. They said they don't do anything to the face, that we would need to go to the ER. So I called Willis & told him that we needed to go up there, when was he coming home? He was around the corner so as soon as he got home, we headed up. When we were waiting on the Doctor to come in, Willis called Ty to let him know what was up & he told him we needed to make a pit sto[. I think Ty was expecting us to be stopping for a potty break or gas or food for the boys or something, not a trip to the ER. Well Colby got all glued up and we were on our way to Provo. We finally arrived and hung out for a bit. Then we headed for a park that was close by. Here's Natalie & Colby racing down the slide.
Ty brought a boomerang, except Colby wanted it to be his "snake".

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