Monday, September 8, 2008

Colby goes to Preschool!!

YAH!! Last child going to school! Colby started school today at Mrs. Critchlow's Little Red Schoolhouse. This is the same school I went to, along with Austin & Jordan. She does a great job & the boys really like the teachers there. Colby used to not be able to say Mickles, so when he found out he was going to Mrs. Critchlow's for school, when you asked him his name, he would say it was Colby Joseph Mrs. Critchlow. Funny!
Well we made it through the 1st day!! This is him with is Red balloon coming out of the gate as Willis was there to pick him up.
This is a picture of Colb's and Willis on the first day. It makes me laugh to see that Colby only comes to his waist.

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