Tuesday, September 2, 2008

We went up to the Uinta's for Labor Day weekend. Ty, Nat, Raymie, my Mom & Dad all went up. Other than the rainstorm, thunder & Lightning we had a good time. We were a little cold & wet, next year we'll plan it a little earlier in the year. We rented this ranger while we were up there. It was fun, a little pricey because of a mishap, but the kids had fun!
This picture made me laugh because of Jordan & Colby's poses.
Ty probably having a teaching moment & Jordan & Austin probably thinking "When is this going to be over".
Jordan and Raymie having a bonding moment. Jord was showing her all of the pictures and our camera.
This is at Beaver lake. We stayed there all of about 20 minutes before the storm came in. I swear the road into it was the bumpiest road in the state. It was horrible. Willis kept driving way close to Ty & I was yelling that we were going to crash. It was a pretty drive, but the drive sucked pretty bad.
Willis fishing for a bit with Jordan and Colby playing in the water. This little area was right in our campground, it was nice!

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Ty, Nat, and Raymie Skeen said...

That was a fun camping trip...THANKS! We will have to do it again!